AL Gambling Corruption Tape Played in Court.

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Gambling in Alabama has become an issue for quite some time. As within the entire United States, it has been a situation of great controversy in attempts to legalize both land-based casinos and online casino gambling. Now certain situations and key representatives within the state have made the option for gambling something a little more difficult to achieve. Due to recent events where key officials were named as conspirators that were taking bribes in order to push through some legislation that would allow the ability for gambling.

The court is now hearing the case concerning the individuals and the bribery and now some new evidence has been admitted to the court. This evidence was a tape of a recorded conversation that Sen. Scott Beason made with lobbyist Jared Massey. This tape initiated in court highlighted the bribe from the lobbyist to the senator. A quote from the incriminating tape from Massey stated, “There is some money at play here that could only be made available to certain candidates.” This is the first of many incriminating statements made by Massey in a legal case that is looking at nine defendants allegedly were trying to bribe Sen. In order to pass gambling legislation.

Sen. Scott Beason was the first representative to go to the police with this proposed bribery and alert them to the situation. Once the FBI caught on to the investigation they began to tape the Senators conversations in order to hopefully catch the criminals in the act. Sen. Beason was a critical vote in the upcoming legislation and that is why the alleged defendants were pushing so hard to gain his favor. As a pivotal voter he could’ve been the 21st vote to put them over and allow the constitutional amendment to pass.

These gambling bribe conversations began in February 2010 in the Sen.’s office. Other conversations by phone were also recorded in which the senator spoke with Ronnie Gilley, the developer who is also pushing towards passing the bill. Many of these conversations dealt with gambling within the state and finding a way to make it legal as well as bribes to help further the senator’s career if he decided to participate in these actions. Ronnie Gilley was quoted as saying, “The help you need, the support you need is going to be there “The help you need, the support you need is going to be there.”

To further incriminate Ronnie Gilley, there is a recorded statement where he’s talking about how safe is phone line is that he changes it out every couple of days as well as using prepaid phone lines so that he won’t have his phone tracked for these conversations. Ironically they are being recorded even as he spoke. The senator is doing his best to prove that he is not in cahoots with these gambling bribers and mentions that he wants to be known that he was merely playing a role in the situation and would not have gone along further if there is no investigation that he was participating in. At this time Gilley and Massey have both pleaded guilty to the courts and are waiting the final verdict from the judges.

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