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Macau has exploded onto the gambling scene by creating numerous complexes and casinos for the mainland China patriot. So far this has been a largely profitable and unexpectedly enormous market in the gambling industry. Each month has exceeded the month before his expectations as the gambling market continues to grow. According to statistics it doesn’t appear as though began the market will slow down anytime soon. However, recent reports have been showing their skepticism about the longevity of this type of market.

The gambling report came out of a Hong Kong-based newspaper and has inspired fear in many of these Macau casino operators and investors. One thing that Las Vegas does not have to do anymore is prove that it has staying power as one of the hubs for casino gambling. With Macau and Singapore being new gambling markets, it is difficult to tell what their staying power is. Even though they have succeeded in the past two years on exceeding all other markets, it is hard to tell whether or not they will last even 10 short years. According to this list report is rumored to meet its doom around 2020 or 2022.

This type of fear instilled by this gambling market could be enough to sway casino operators and other casino companies from starting up business in mainland China. Not even report stating that the market is so volatile that it will not last a few more years and still over deliver in comparison to many other gaming markets, it is simply saying that the shelf life of a gamble in casinos is still uncertain.

At this time three major casino operators have set up shop in Macau and open casinos there. The Las Vegas Sands Corp., the Wynn resorts Ltd., an MGM resorts international are all staples to any gambling market. With their presence in Macau, many family patrons return time and time again due to the reputation of the name. In fact, all three of these companies have future plans on expansion throughout the Macau market. If the stocks in the gambling market continue the way they are currently, Josie great fortunes in the upcoming years.

One of the main concerns as outlined by the report is that there is an expiration date to the licenses that were acquired by these three major companies. All three companies are very aware that these licenses have expiration dates on them, however within the 10 years that they will spend setting up shop, it will more than make their money back as well as trends continue on the same way they are now. The hopes by these giant companies is that as their expiration date reaches a close, the government will see the positive nature of having this casino complex so close by and will help expand our tourism industry in Macau. At this time not even Wall Street is concerned about the expiration date that will come in the next decade. With minimal competition these three giants in the casino industry don’t show any fear even though they are uncertain as to what the process maybe to renew their license.

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