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New Zealand has gone through some very difficult times recently due to their natural disasters that have occurred. The earthquakes of experience in February with powerful enough that many businesses were affected. Entire cities were demolished with the possibility of them being permanently abandoned. This is a very difficult pill to swallow especially when one of the cities that was hit was the second-largest city in all of New Zealand. Now they’re hoping to add some positive light to the situation for introducing even more gambling to the area.

The plan is to add gambling to the convention center with the help of government finances. As of right now it appears as though the government will invest a great deal of money to help create this tourist attraction in order to draw more people to the area. Once they can complete the project will be able to provide more entertainment and gambling for tourists are visiting the area. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key is standing behind this convention center that will be built and include gambling at casinos. Some of the gains that they will introduce will be guards and table games, roulette and of course the pokies.

In addition to the numerous games that will be added to the convention center as well as the number of tourist availability on in, one of the great positives of this gambling convention center project is that it will also see a resurgence of jobs for the locals in the area. Since the earthquake shattered so many businesses, there are great deal of people out of work could stand to benefit from a situation such as this.

The current plans for this gambling convention Center include a 3500 seat theater which will cost the government and the people up to $350 million. The plans will be executed by sky city entertainment group who will oversee the construction on the convention center as well as the addition of the casino. In order to put this work in place, they must first have the nod of the government to allow them to change the licensing to allow this type of gambling within the convention center. In addition to this license, they also want some sort of amendment that will allow them to expand to add more table games and poker machines as time progresses.

The government is very much on board with this new plan as it will bring in nearly 90,000,000 New Zealand dollars into their economy each year. Although it will take some time for this to be generated, it will be a good way to supplement their income while trying to rebuild from these natural disasters. According to Prime Minister Key, a convention center such as this would draw more tourists which is an industry that they are not capitalizing on at this time. By creating an international convention Center with more entertainment value the reason possibility of building an entire market around tourism and conventions. Once completed, this convention Center will tower over the buildings in Auckland, New Zealand and be one of the focal points for their tourism industry.

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