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Winner affiliate marketing program is now starting off a new promotion in which it will make it one of the highest competitors in the market. With online casino gambling, it is the affiliate marketing programs that add edge to casinos and produce the greatest results for both they are maintaining their database and strengthening their brand. Today many of the online casinos are realizing that it is important to go with a strong affiliate marketing program, one that can not only help them expand their database but maintain a lot of the back end statistics and help them creating a new plan in moving forward.

Now this online affiliate program is promoting the international aspects by creating a new offer for their gaming patrons. One of the ways that they have been working in the past is by creating strong promotions that help their affiliates feel more committed to their efforts. Once the affiliates feel happy and working in that environment, they work harder on expanding the brand of the online casino. Winter affiliates states that that is their key to success in one of the principles that they rely on in their service.

Another aspect that makes these online affiliate program so strong is the use of software. In choosing the right software, affiliate marketing programs have more accessibility and more full service in their business. That is why this particular online gambling affiliate program uses one of the top software developers in the business, Playtech. Playtex software is being used around the world and is known as one of the best for its stability, and cutting edge software that allows a lot of flexibility within the gambling arena as well as a strong security system.

Now if all the proper pieces in place, this online affiliate program will offer up a promotion that is unmatched in the gambling market. One of the first things it has decided to do to step away from its competition is to create a promotion that will last the rest of 2011. Many promotions only last a few weeks or even a month, or at the most one season such as summer, but this is the first time that we’ve seen a promotion that lasts nearly 7 months. The second portion of this promotion that makes it very exciting for the online affiliate is that it will be offering up to 80% revenue share on the gross wins of all new players that are registered online. Each time a player registers with the online gaming site Winner Poker, the affiliates will receive their trickle-down bonuses.

In order to figure out the formula in which the affiliates will receive their online bonuses, you can go to the affiliate website where Obi outlined their including the rake, the fee and the 80% bonus. This online affiliate program is excited about offering something that no other program has offered by giving their affiliates and 80% revenue share. After seeing the results of this promotion, many other online casinos and gambling affiliate programs may jump on board to share in their success.

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