Online Gambling At PartyCasino Yields $4M For One Winner

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It was an exciting gambling event recently over at Party Casino. One lucky winner hit the big one and it has now changed her life forever. Imagine hitting the jackpot and knowing that you never have to work again, or that you can now buy all of the thing you have ever wanted. That is exactly what happened to one lucky winner at the online casino. The progressive jackpot played at Party Casino hit and hit big when it topped out at nearly $4.5 million.

The online casino gambling winner did not wish to reveal her real name, but said that she still doesn’t feel like a millionaire after winning the jackpot. The game she played was The Big One progressive jackpot. The exact machine she was playing was called Melon Madness, a very popular game. The best part about this story is that lady may have been a gambler in the past, but she had only signed up to the online gambling site nine days before hitting the big jackpot.

This has been a good run for online gamblers at PartyCasino. The jackpot has been hit twice now in only a few weeks. Each time it hit, it has made the lucky winner a millionaire. The person that one weeks prior took home nearly two million dollars playing the Gold Mega jackpot. Each month, the casino tracks how much money is paid out to winner, and the month of May was a big one. In just one month they paid out nearly eight million dollars to online gamblers.

It is times like these when you see gambling patrons win big online jackpots and although their lives have changed, they still remain the same kind and caring people. This lady for example has told the press that she can’t even imagine how much money that is, but it will take her some time to realize it all. SH did seem happy to no longer have to worry about her mortgage, and be able to pay off all her bills.

The lucky winner told the press how she ended up winning the jackpot purse. First she said she started out playing a game and then was fortunate enough to win $6100. Once she won this money she decided to play 30 lines at $.50. She then kept playing and hit a few small winning prizes of $9-$10 then when she went to roll for the fourth colossal wheel she said in reports that she was just hoping to hit the $60,000. She said she then closed her eyes and just hope for the best and when she opened them she found out that she had hit the $4.4 million jackpot. She said the report does she still can’t believe that she won that amount. This is an exciting time for the online casino as it has had a record-breaking number of women who have hit the jackpot in the last few months. Even within one week to women had hit the jackpot one for $500,000 and another one for $800,000.

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