AC Casinos Want Sports Betting

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On Tuesday, a lobbying group representing Atlantic City’s casinos urged voters to approve sports betting. The Casino Association of New Jersey issued a statement supporting a November referendum that would allow sports betting within the state.

The trade group, which represents each of the eleven casinos, says that sports betting in New Jersey would provide a much-needed boost to the local economy and help the casinos and the city get back on track. Bob Griffin, president of the Casino Association of New Jersey, said that sports betting would “attract more tourists to visit our city and enjoy our world-class entertainment, thriving restaurant industry, brand-name retail shopping and famous Boardwalk.”

There is a problem, though. Even if New Jersey voters approved of sports betting on the November ballot, it would take time for casinos to be able to offer betting, if it ever happened. Currently the state is barred by federal law from allowing sports betting. The federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 outlawed sports betting in all of the United States, with exemptions for jurisdictions where it was already legally taking place. For that reason, Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon are allowed to offer sports betting, but any new state would be in violation of the law.

Proponents of the New Jersey referendum say that it is an important step toward repealing the federal ban on sports betting. Others say that it is a key states’ rights battle and if the sports betting was confined to within New Jersey’s borders, the federal government has no right to interfere.

Union Backs AC Tourism District

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The new Atlantic City tourism district has been controversial since its first mention. People worried that the government was getting bigger. Some worried about jurisdictional problems. Those in the city government worried about losing power. Some wondered if it would be a waste of money. Now, however, it has the support of one of the most powerful men in all of New Jersey.

No, I’m not talking about Governor Chris Christie. He was already a supporter of the district. It now has the public support of Bob McDevitt, who is the head of the largest labor union in Atlantic City. McDevitt’s Unite-HERE Local 54 is a labor union for those in the casino industry, including those who clean the rooms, serve food and drinks and more. McDevitt has considerable influence in the city and in the entire state due to his influence over union members.

He is now using that influence, urging all of the union members to support the new tourism district. That is support of over 10,000 Atlantic City workers. As members of the city government continue to fight the state over the issue, that support could mean a lot.

Lorenzo Langford, the mayor of Atlantic City, has publicly bashed the plan. Along with members of the city council, he has called it an encroachment on the city’s power by the state. The new tourism district will be supervised by the new Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, which is a state agency. Langford has called the district an infringement on the rights of the city’s voters and the local politicians.

McDevitt is now pressuring Langford and the rest of the city council to stop fighting the tourism district. He is calling on them to “shelve their personal feelings with the issue and to work in a productive and cooperative manner with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority in this effort.” He believes that it is what’s best to improve the city and turn it into a safer, cleaner and more enticing tourism location.

Gambler Arrested for Marking Cards

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I really shouldn’t have to tell people not to cheat at a casino, but for some reason people keep trying to do it. Aside from the immorality of cheating, there is another problem with it: You will most likely get caught and go to jail. A casino is a terrible place to commit a crime. Aside from CIA headquarters or something like that, it’s probably the worst place to commit a crime because the entire floor is under constant video surveillance. A New Jersey man found that out the hard way recently.

Sefula Seji was arrested for allegedly marking cards during poker games at the Las Vegas Sands Casino. According to authorities, he used small strips of sandpaper attached to his fingertips to mark the cards. He would scratch the cards and leave marks in the corner that he could use to identify the cards later.

The scam was identified during a routine inspection. At the casino, the gaming officials routinely inspect the cards and dice to make sure they haven’t been tampered with. It was then that they noticed the marks. Upon consulting the surveillance footage, they saw Seji appearing to mark the cards.

The next day, he returned to the casino, wearing the same jacket, sat at a poker table and tried the same scam. Officials watched him using sandpaper to mark the cards. He was then removed from the table and arrested. He was found to have marked 39 cards before being removed from the poker table, so he is being charged with 39 counts of committing a prohibited act related to gambling.

Atlantic City Casinos Talking to Software Companies

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Atlantic City casinos are talking to online gambling software companies, it has been reported. According to the Atlantic City Weekly, land-based casinos in New Jersey have been having talks with undisclosed companies that design software for online casinos.

It’s easy to guess the topic of conversation. The Atlantic City casinos think that UIGEA may be repealed and online gambling may be legalized and regulated in the United States. If that happens, the casinos want to join the online gambling market and preferably a deal in place with the software designers so they can immediately start offering online casinos.

Mark Juliano, President of the New Jersey Casino Association, recently testified that the casinos are “working with software programs to provide a mode for online poker rooms and casino games and we’re obviously watching the legislation on this very carefully.”

The legislation he referred to is the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act, a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would repeal UIGEA and legalize and regulate online gambling. Though the bill easily passed the Financial Services Committee, for a variety of reasons many think that the bill becoming law this year would be a long-shot. However, businesses can’t afford to wait and see what happens. Plans need to be in place in the event that the bill is passed and that seems to be exactly what the Atlantic City casinos are doing.

Of the obstacles facing the passage of online gambling legislation in the United States, the largest are a quickly approaching deadline and amendments tacked onto the bill.

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