Harrah’s banking on online gambling in U.S.

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Harrah’s Entertainment is really counting on the U.S. legalizing and regulating online gambling. In fact, they have a lot of money riding on that. A while back, the Las Vegas casino made headlines by partnering with 888.com to open their own online casino. Now they are upping the ante by putting advertising behind that investment.

Harrah’s Entertainment has had their online casino, which uses their “Caesars” name, for a while, but it does not currently accept American customers. They have been advertising online and in foreign markets while the casino has been open. Recently, though, the casino has started advertising in the United States.

A recent edition of USA Today, the popular nationwide newspaper, featured advertising for Harrah’s online casino. They are also advertising on television in the United States, most notably on ESPN during the World Series of Poker.

What does this all mean? Well, Harrah’s seems to be pretty confident that Congress will pass gambling legislation that repeals UIGEA this year, though the more time passes the more unlikely that seems. It’s a gamble. If the legislation currently in the House doesn’t pass and we have to wait until next year or later to get something done, then Harrah’s will have wasted a lot of money advertising to people who can’t buy their product. If, however, online gambling is legalized in the U.S. soon, Harrah’s would be in a unique situation to cash in. Harrah’s would already have a recognized brand and have a leg up on the competition.

Only time will tell whether the gamble pays off for Harrah’s. Here’s hoping it does.

Donald Trump Supports Regulated Online Casinos

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The issue over possibly legalizing and regulating online casinos in the United States is a complex and tricky one. People try to simply it by using stereotypes, claiming that Democrats are for it but Republicans against it for moral reasons. They say that land-based casinos are against it. Others say that the online casinos and gambling proponents don’t care about problem gambling or other issues that it could cause. None of those people are right.

The truth is that there is support and opposition on both ends of the political spectrum. Most casinos and online gambling supporters are concerned with gambling addiction and do everything they can to minimize the problem. There is surely a lot of opposition from the land-based casinos, most vocally from Steve Wynn, who owns the Mirage, Bellagio, Wynn and more. However, some of his competitors feel differently.

In an article last weekend with the New York Post, entrepreneur Donald Trump spoke out in favor of the federal government legalizing and regulating online casinos. Trump, a known conservative, is one of the best-known businessmen in America. Along with his popular reality TV show, his hair, and his tower, Trump is probably best known for owning the three largest casinos in Atlantic City. Many land-based casino owners see online gambling as a threat, as competition that would hurt them. The Donald sees things differently, though.

“Why lose all those billions of revenue?” he asked, echoing the point made by many that tax revenue from online casinos would help a struggling economy in the throes of a deep recession. Trump knows a thing or two about tax revenue. According to the Post, his three Atlantic City casinos combine to be the largest taxpayer in the city.

Expounding on his pro-online gambling stance, Trump said that “online gambling is going to happen; why not have it work to the public advantage.” As a possible harbinger of things to come, the House Financial Services Committee recently voted to pass the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act, a bill that would repeal UIGEA and legalize and regulate online gambling in America.

Bwin and PartyGaming online casinos to merge

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Last week was a big week in the online gambling community. The biggest news – at least in the Western world – was that in the United States, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act passed the House Financial Services Committee, clearing the way for a full House vote.

There was another big piece of news in online gambling, though. PartyGaming and bwin accounced that they would merge. Since they are publicly traded companies, the merger has to be approved by shareholders, but if it goes through, that will make the resulting company the largest in the online gambling industry.

PartyGaming is an online casino and poker room based in the UK and bwin is an online bookmaker based in Austria. If the two merge, as has been in the works for approximately 6 months, they would offer virtually every imaginable type of game or activity for online betting. They would also have the largest revenue and most customers in the online gambling industry.

Many in the industry believe that more mergers are likely to come soon. Many also believe that the timing of this announcement, coming on the heels of the House Financial Services Committee vote, is no coincidence.

PartyGaming used to be the largest online poker room in the industry, but with approximately 70% of their customers coming from the United States, the passage of UIGEA in 2006, which amounted to a de facto ban on online gambling, they dropped to fourth-largest. One of the rules in the new American online gambling legislation is that online casinos who have violated existing U.S. laws will not be able to obtain licenses to operate in the States. For that reason, PartyGaming and other casinos need to continue to be careful when it comes to American customers, at least until the legislation is passed into law.

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